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The CMD-Z Show, hosted by Matt Vojacek and Shelby Hagerdon, seeks to provide answers to the big questions that hound creative minds at night. With a new guest each week, hear unique perspectives from creatives on running a business, maintaining your mental health, finding your voice, and more. Presented by Made By Things — this is the CMD-Z Show.

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Why is Running a Creative Business So Damn Hard?

Why is running a creative business to damn hard? The creative industry is constantly evolving and it can be challenging to know when your business should evolve with i...

How Do You Know When It's Time to Innovate Within Your Creative Business?

How do you know when it's time to switch things up in a creative business? The industry is ever-changing and we are all currently in a period of transition. So what do...

How Do You Create a Stand-Out Portfolio?

How do you create a stand out portfolio? Is there one trick that will make you rise above the other applicants? How do you make sure you're the one called back for an ...

What Level of Communication Should You Expect from Freelancers? (w/ Jeremy Thibodeau)

When it comes to working with freelancers, it can be tough to clearly define how quickly they should respond and how often they should send updates. Is an appropriate ...

How Do You Tell a Client They're Wrong?

How do you tell a client that they're wrong? No one ever wants to, but the sign of a healthy client relationship is being able to talk through any issues that might ar...

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