Ever wish life had an undo button? 

The CMD-Z Show, hosted by Matt Vojacek and Shelby Hagerdon, seeks to provide answers to the big questions that hound creative minds at night. With a new guest each week, hear unique perspectives from creatives on running a business, maintaining your mental health, finding your voice, and more. Presented by Made By Things — this is the CMD-Z Show.

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What Would You Undo? - Matt Vojacek and Shelby Hagerdon

Get ready for SEASON FOUR of The CMD-Z Show! We have a new format and we're kicking it off by asking our co-host, Matt Vojacek, what he wishes he could do "undo" about...

How Do You Pitch to Get Work?

Pitching can be hard and timeconsuming for both sides when starting a project. With a lot of unspoken and unwritten rules, we dive deeper into the world of pitching an...

Special Episode! Make Create Club Questions

Get ready for a special episode of The CMD-Z Show! We invited members of the Make Create Club to ask questions LIVE in the “studio.” ;) We cover everything from develo...

Does Art Require Meaning?

“Art for art’s sake…” or so the old French slogan goes. A topic that’s been debated for centuries, Shelby and I ask the question, “Does art require meaning?” Philosphi...

How Can Creatives Change the World Around Us?

As creatives, we’ve all heard the phrase, “We’re not curing cancer.” We’re told that what we do doesn’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things. But how...

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